TEDxBanbury Climate Change Countdown!

From Passivhaus To Food Sustainability

Special guests Helen Bird and Keith James from Banbury based WRAP (Waste & Resources Action Programme), together with Ian Pritchett from Greencore Construction, and Cathy Ryan representing Cosy Homes Retrofit Project, are joining TEDxBanbury for a second ‘In Conversation’ series this coming November sharing their visions for a greener future.

Greencore Construction who specialise in ‘passivhaus’, and Cosy Homes Retrofit Project will be taking part in interviews on Saturday 13 November. WRAP, now national and global, will be joining TEDxBanbury on Saturday 20 November.

The two TEDxBanbury events follow the TED Countdown Summit taking place between 12–15 October 2021, which will bring together 1,000 leaders in Edinburgh, Scotland, as TED speakers share a blueprint for an inspiring net-zero future. The Summit will be amplified by hundreds of TEDx Countdown events around the world, and through a special global livestream event hosted by TED on 30 October.

‘With the impact of COVID-19, it is certainly the year for creating meaningful conversation and measurable actions with regards to the climate emergency and ‘green’ issues’, said Ian Nutt – TEDxBanbury. ‘The TED Summit precedes the UN Climate Change Conference (COPs26) in Glasgow between 31 October – 12 November, bringing together key leaders from across the world to work in partnership and spearhead mandates for a sustainable future for us all’.

Tickets for the TEDxBanbury Climate Change Countdown events, each taking place in the afternoon, will be limited in number. They will be on sale in September and priced at £6 for each event. For further information please visit TEDxBanbury.com

Interviewee Biographies

Helen Bird – Strategic Manager – Plastics – WRAP

Helen has always had a passion for sustainability and has worked in resource management for 13 years, and has been at WRAP for 11 years. She oversees the roadmap for the delivery of The UK Plastics Pact, a whole chain approach to tackling plastic waste. Her role spans the interface between industry, government, and citizens and key workstreams include eliminating unnecessary/problematic plastics, recyclability and composting, film/flexibles, recycled content and end markets. Helen is a key spokesperson for WRAP on plastics and recycling.

Helen has overseen WRAP’s work on Consistency in Household Recycling – a whole chain initiative to increase recycling, improve material quality, provide opportunities for collaborative procurement and efficiency savings, all while increasing the consistency in materials collected from householders. Her experience and expertise covers local authority collections, sorting and reprocessing and citizen engagement.

Keith James – Policy & Insights – WRAP – Interview Focusing on Food Sustainability

Keith is Head of Policy & Insights at WRAP. He leads a team of experts across WRAP’s areas of interest to support policy makers around the world. He leads on developing insights which inform the development and implementation of policy supporting a circular economy relating to food, plastics, textiles and resource management.

Keith has worked in a variety of positions in the public and private sector focused on enhancing environmental outcomes. He has previously managed WRAP’s relationship with key Government departments and been accountable to Government funders for the delivery of WRAP programmes. He has led WRAP’s work on textiles and healthy sustainable eating, and co- authored a number of publications with partners around the world.

Cathy Ryan – Representing Cosy Homes Retrofit Project – Oxfordshire

Cathy is Community Engagement Manager for the Low Carbon Hub and supports the Cosy Homes Community Advocate Groups through attending events and hosting regular meetings. Having previously worked with a theatre company exploring the effects of homelessness on the lives of young people, Cathy has developed a lasting interest in housing. She is Chair of Hook Norton Community Land Trust, which is developing a community-led housing project of affordable, sustainable homes

Ian Pritchett – Managing Director – Greencore Construction – Oxfordshire

A physics graduate from Durham University with over 30 years’ experience in specialist construction (historic building repair and eco-buildings). Ian was managing director of IJP Building Conservation Ltd from 1987 to 2007. This is where Ian developed his love of lime and other natural building materials. Ian was managing director, chairman and technical director of Lime Technology Ltd at various times between 2003 and 2013. During this time, he pioneered the use of lime mortars in the new building sector and also developed hemp-lime building systems.