An Ideal Time to Plant

September usually brings mild and sunny weather with warm and moist ground so it is an ideal time to plant. Autumn brings plenty of choice, with colourful plants such as cyclamen which are readily available.

Garden Maintenance

There are few products to treat powdery mildew on chrysanthemums and asters so remove and destroy the worst affected leaves and try to increase air flow around the plant Apply plant guardian to these plants to keep mildew at bay. Clear pathways and patios of moss and algae and fight against weeds with weed killer in the autumn, choosing the best product for the specific weeds that you are spraying, please ask us for advice.

Hanging Baskets

Plant up winter baskets, to enable them to establish before the colder weather. Rather than having to dismantle your summer baskets why not plant a second set of baskets with winter flowering pansies and violas, add spring bulbs and evergreen foliage then grow them on in an unheated greenhouse so they are ready to hang once your summer baskets have finished flowering. Deadhead and liquid feed summer baskets as they will have at least another month’s life in them!


Plant containerised shrubs, trees, conifers, perennials and climbers. Move existing plants within your garden, dig out as much root as possible and replant with decent compost, we have a range of peat free products endorsed by the RHS. Plant Spring flowering bulbs maybe try narcissi and tulip bulbs in the lawn. Create your own colour theme with our loose  crocus, tulips and hyacinths bulbs. For Christmas flowering of prepared hyacinth bulbs remember to plant by 22nd September.


Prune climbing roses once flowering has finished, remove dead or diseased growth. Tie in any new shoots. Take cuttings of annual plants to propagate such as fuchsias or geraniums, dust with rooting powder and grow them on under glass.


Harden up your lawn with an autumn lawn food. Do not use summer feed and weed from mid-September onwards. Repair lawns with turf or reseeding, and aerate and scarify. Raise mower blade to high and mow less.

Fruit and Vegetables

Continue to harvest autumn raspberries, blackberries and vegetable crops, and freeze any excess produce! There is much you can freeze to use later on. Dig remaining potatoes to avoid slug damage, store in paper or hessian sacks. Plant over wintering vegetables such as garlic, onion sets, turnips and spinach.


We have the usual competitive prices on large bulk bags and tubs of suet balls, superior suet balls with added mealworms and sunflower hearts and suet logs, nuggets and pellets. Peanuts can now be reintroduced as well as seed mix. Nyjer thistle, sunflower hearts and mealworm are firm favourites. New this year are calciworms, high in protein, energy giving fat and calcium for strong bones and eggs.

Plants of the Month

Cyclamen: Most are hardy so use in tubs, baskets and sunny borders for instant colour.

Heuchera : Very popular evergreen hardy perennial with colourful foliage, endless varieties are available, purple, lime green, yellow, pink,

Dwarf Chrysanthemums: Compact and covered in bright coloured flowers. They are great as stand-alone plants in pots or can be used in sunny well drained borders.

Violas & Pansies: In various colours and mixed packs they produce many flowers through winter.

Autumn tubs and container plants : Ideal for teaming with pansy and viola, give evergreen foliage colour amongst flowers, choose from ivy, conifer, ferns, grasses and heuchera to name a few.

Erica Carnea : Winter flowering heathers they are evergreen, flower till April and don’t need  special ericaceous compost.

Monthly suggestion

Our new season seed ranges arrive early September and include Johnson’s and Sutton’s and Thompson & Morgan lines including the children’s Mr Men range which is celebrating 50 years of Mr Men, Organic vegetable range, and herb range. Also wildflower seed mixes in boxes, endorsed by the RHS and the Sarah Raven flower seeds for cut flowers.

Buy early as the last 2 years have seen sell outs before the season has finished.

Don’t miss our annual coffee morning in aid of Macmillan (all being well) on the last Friday in September 9.30am to 12.30pm, you are all very welcome to come and support this worthwhile charity.




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