Local Food Shopping

In 2019, only 40% of adult consumers planned to buy more of their groceries from local shops, but that number had risen to 60% by 2020, according to data from Statista, however, we know that currently only 6% of grocery revenue is spent with independents. Whether it’s your favourite sausages or a freshly baked loaf of bread, people are passionate about locally produced food and Oxfordshire produces some fabulous food!

Better for Everyone

Shopping from local retailers isn’t just about the great range of seasonal produce, there are numerous environmental and economic reasons to support your local businesses. Supermarkets pack their produce in plastic trays, plastic bags and cellophane whereas the majority of local products have minimal packaging because they are not transported over long distances.

The flexibility of local suppliers can also mean less food waste. Supermarkets often offer their fruit, vegetables, cheese and meat in pre-packed quantities meaning people purchase more than they need and waste food.

For every one pound spent in the local economy, it creates an additional three pounds. Shopping locally provides additional employment opportunities, more money for farmers and producers and keeps your local shops open for when you want to visit.

Shopping Trends

During 2020, local retailers saw a huge increase in demand and footfall as the supermarkets struggled with their international supply chains. Many local stores offered additional delivery services and longer opening hours to make sure they were serving their customers’ needs. Now that many people are returning to work, socialising and their everyday commitments, local food retailers have seen a drop in footfall and their customers are returning to the convenience of supermarket home deliveries.

What is the Answer?

Victoria Ayres and Felicity Beasley launched The Local Trove to support local shops and provide people with a convenient way of buying their groceries from home. They offer an online service that allows people to shop from home (or work, or the park, or anywhere else) and have a single delivery to the door.

“The last couple of years have seen people recognise the importance of local suppliers and supporting the local economy as well as reminding us about the abundance of amazing produce on our doorstep. We know people love to shop locally but sometimes busy lives make it hard and we believe The Local Trove is a convenient way of getting fantastic local food delivered every week.”

A wide range of produce is available including fresh local meat and cheese, fruit and vegetables, bread and lots of handy store cupboard staples. There are also curated packages to help make entertaining easier such as BBQ meat boxes, Farmhouse breakfasts and Cheese boards.

The trove van will be on the road delivering around the Cotswolds Tuesday to Friday every week so keep an eye out and place your order now!

Skills and Experience

The suppliers on The Local Trove are some of the best in the business. They bring a wide range of skills along with a passion for quality food and have all become integral parts of the local community.

Hook Norton Butchers is a family run business that sources all its meat locally and offers a huge range of products from fresh meat, home-cooked quiches and pies and a wide variety of cheeses.

Chadlington Quality Foods is a treasure trove of curated products including Mark’s Cotswold Sourdough, Nettlebed Cheese, local fruit and vegetables and delicious smoked fish. CQF is also a community store owned by members of the village and has been for over 20 years.

Bruern Farms. This third-generation farm is more productive and diverse than ever, providing a range of produce including wheat, barley, sunflowers, poultry, beef, lamb and wild venison. They are passionate about the environment and have an extensive wildlife and conservation management scheme that is integrated into food production.

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