Meet the Author: Anna-Leigh Brooks

Anna-Leigh Brooks has taken the erotic-romance genre by storm since self-publishing her debut novel, back in January 2021 and looks set to continue thrilling her audience in the years to come. 

Her first book ‘The Older Woman’ was the first in a trilogy telling saucy tales of the main characters Jamie and Jess and left readers hanging in suspense for the second novel, ‘Ring of Hope’. Excitedly received by her readers, it has been this second novel that has seen Anna-Leigh grow in recognition in not only her local area where she is now widely known with sponsorships of the local well-loved rugby club and an EFL championship league footballer…. But also country wide and even internationally. 

The third and last novel in this series is due to be published in the early summer of 2022 and promises to deliver more of the great stuff that her readers have come to expect and love. 

A former trade counter sales assistant working for a joinery company within the construction industry, Anna-Leigh decided that it was time to put pen to paper during the first lockdown of 2020, when she didn’t even own a laptop. As a result, the first two novels were written entirely on her mobile phone.  

When asked of her desire to become an author, Anna-Leigh says, ‘I’ve always loved reading right from a very early age. I would rather have a good book in my hand than watch a TV programme or film and I’ll always have a story to tell, I simply can’t tell you anything without it being a story and elaborating and going into great detail.’

I definitely like to talk with my hands, I guess you can say ‘I’m very expressive’ this  I think is also very evident in my writing, I find it easy to describe a person or situation, it’s almost as if I am that person or I’m in that situation, I see it, I feel it, and I definitely imagine myself there.

After talking to my mum about the experience of writing over the last 12 months, she is immensely proud of what I’ve achieved in life and even more so now, she always says that as I child I would have my head stuck in a book, that I would tell her ‘I could write these books mum’ now I don’t remember that myself, but I do remember my English teacher once telling me ‘ If I put as much effort in to my work as I do my chatting, I’d do very well in English’ bless her, perhaps she saw something I didn’t? 

Since writing my first novel, I’ve now come to realise that what I write can be related to by so many different women, they tell me already, how much they are looking forward to reading my books. They enjoy reading them to see how It compares to their experience in life, good or bad. So as long as they continue to enjoy reading them, I will continue to write for them

Of her personal life, we can share with you that Anna-Leigh is a mother to four grown up children living in the suburbs of Coventry with her beloved Staffordshire Bull Terrier dog ‘Eddie’. 

Since the trilogy, Anna-Leigh has completed three further novels and is currently working on another. Great news for our readers, this means we will have many more exciting stories to lose ourselves in over the coming years. Make sure you stay informed of Anna-Leigh’s progress by following on social media and if you haven’t yet read the first two novels, you can order from Amazon or directly on her website at where you can also download the first chapters of each book as a tantalising taster – so what are you waiting for? Welcome to the world of Jamie and Jess…

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