Magnificent Inside a Month

While pursuing a full-time healthy lifestyle takes time and no small amount of commitment, even within a month it’s possible to see and feel real changes to who you are, how you feel and the way your body responds to life’s challenges.

Here are six tips to give your health and wellbeing an instant boost, where you can start feeling the positive effects almost immediately.

1. Better Diet 

Diet is probably the most obvious place to start. It goes without saying, the unhealthier the food you consume, the harder it’s going to be to make a full 180-degree turnaround. 

Focus on replacing fatty foods with fruit and fibre, keep a check on your salt intake, cut down on alcohol and make food preparation changes, such as grilling rather than frying.

2. Walking or Light Running 

Movement is so vital to the human body, and you don’t have to become an Olympic athlete to be able to see and feel the differences. 

Daily walks and regular running can significantly improve your outlook over the course of a month, with recent research revealing that doing regular 60-second energetic activity broken down into three separate 20-second bursts will bring about noticeable benefits within four weeks. The endorphins created during exercise also make you feel great.

3. Sleep 

Getting at least seven hours a night is essential if you’re looking to enhance your health – it will also help you hold off illnesses… both run-of-the-mill colds and viruses, and more serious ailments including cancer, diabetes and stress. 

A consistent sleep pattern is also essential, as regulation helps the body figure out the best way to recover from twinges, tweaks and other things that hold us back.

4. Vitamins and Supplements 

While we should never rely on vitamins and supplements without also embarking on a healthy, nutritious diet, modern lives imply busy workloads, not to mention restrictions on our time because of childcare.

For that reason, topping up the body with vitamins and supplements is a good idea, but remember to adjust as the months go by. For example, the strong summer sunshine should be all you need for vitamin D, but during the rest of the year, you can take a supplement.

5. Water

Water is absolutely vital for the human body, and arguably the easiest thing on this list to tick off. What’s more, hydrating offers the body an instant and very noticeable boost, so you will get instant gratification for your efforts.

We should all be drinking around two litres of water a day, outside of juice, tea and coffee.

6. Focus and Positivity

Yoga, Pilates, Zumba and a variety of other exercise pastimes are perfect for people looking to become fitter, whilst also boosting happiness and mindfulness. 

You can enrol in classes at your local gym or leisure centre, or simply undertake your new regime from home where the only spectator to your initially clumsy form… is you! 

Being focused on something that offers you a real goal of succeeding will do wonders for your positivity. Not only will you feel reward for the effort put in, but your inspiration to keep at it and build further will become automatic, because feeling good is addictive! 

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