What the Queen meant to me

The most special tribute we will hear to the sadly departed Queen Elizabeth II will, in a strange way, be our own.

What Her Majesty stirred in us all was our own individual image of her, as an icon… as a symbol of strength and resilience; yet we also take comfort in the words and platitudes of respected figures across the world, and here is a selection of touching tributes that perfectly sum up the most special person, and most incredible life lived.

King Charles III

“To my darling Mama, as you begin your last great journey to join my dear late Papa, I want simply to say this: thank you.

“Thank you for your love and devotion to our family and to the family of nations you have served so diligently all these years.

“May flights of Angels sing thee to thy rest.”

Boris Johnson

“In the hearts of every one of us there is an ache at the passing of our Queen, a deep and personal sense of loss – far more intense, perhaps, than we expected.

“She seemed so timeless and so wonderful that I am afraid we had come to believe, like children, that she would just go on and on.”

Sir Elton John

“She was an inspiring presence to be around, and led the country through some of our greatest, and darkest, moments with grace, decency, and a genuine caring warmth. Queen Elizabeth has been a huge part of my life from childhood to this day, and I will miss her dearly.”

Dame Helen Mirren

“I am proud to be an Elizabethan. We mourn a woman, who, with or without the crown, was the epitome of nobility.”

Paddington Bear

“Thank you, Ma’am, for everything.”

Andrew Lloyd Webber

“The Queen has been the constant anchor of Britain and her beloved Commonwealth, and an inspiration to the world for her lifetime of service.

“Her legacy will be remembered as a selfless beacon for love, understanding and the celebration of fellow human beings all over the world, no matter their race or creed.”

Dame Joanna Lumley

“The Queen was adored and respected. She represented all that was kind and fair, brave and good-hearted, noble and entirely admirable, and we shall miss her with all our hearts.”

Rod Stewart

“The Queen has been an unwavering presence throughout my life and a great unifier. A shining star that will never fade in our hearts and souls. What a privilege it was to perform for her.”


“I had a quiet weep for the Queen. I am sad for my country and what it has lost.”

Simon Cowell

“With incredible strength she was someone who loved her country and was able to lead with so much love.

“I feel very lucky that in my lifetime we have had a Monarch who managed to balance great leadership, tradition and progression.”

Daniel Craig

“She leaves an incomparable legacy and will be profoundly missed.”

Jude Law

“She’s a huge part of my country’s sense of identity and so in a way now we’re going to go through a process of mourning, but also a process of rediscovery.’

Stephen Fry

“Oh dear. Oh my. Oh heavens. Bless my soul. Oh lor. Heck. I don’t know why I’m sobbing. Silly really. Oh dear.”

Piers Morgan

“You and I and millions of people have grown up with her, and she’s always been this tower of strength and dignity for our country.

“She represented strength, she kept going.”

And a quote from the lady herself:

Queen Elizabeth II

“I declare before you all that my whole life, whether it be long or short, shall be decorated to your service.”

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