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At Read This Magazine, we are proud to showcase the rich tapestry of our community each month through our community A-Z Listings pages and seek your support through donations.

Our shared space brings together the stories, announcements, and local enterprises that form the beating heart of the local area. Today, we invite you, our valued contributors and readers, to help sustain this communal resource.

Why Contributions Matter

Your listings, stories, and events breathe life into every issue. They spark conversations, nurture our local community, and create a shared sense of belonging. In these digital times, your financial support is as crucial as your stories. It enables us to keep our pages free, open and accessible to anyone who can contribute to making our home a great place to live.

Your Impact In Numbers

A donation from you—whether you’re featured in our pages or a reader who looks forward to our monthly editions—goes directly into the production of the magazine. Helping us maintain our free listings for non-profits and community groups.

Choose Your Amount

Every penny counts in our collective mission to make our community a better place, you can give monthly or a one-off amount. 

Thank You For Your Support

We appreciate your support and don’t forget to keep us updated. You can find our contact information on our contact us page

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