Gardener’s Diary October 2022

Summer has officially ended and autumn begins. The evenings are now becoming cooler but October could still give us some glorious daytime sunshine.  Summer bedding is now looking tired and it’s time to replace with autumn/winter bedding to give new colour well into winter. The main activity in the flower garden now is planning and planting spring flowering bulbs. 

Our selection will provide a full range of shapes, sizes and colours to bring early interest to your garden.

Monthly reminders: 

Fruit and Vegetables

Gather the fruits remaining on Apple and Pear trees before early frosts can cause damage, but always check to ensure fruits are ripe before picking. Lift potatoes and store in dry frost free conditions.

Flower Garden

Plant new herbaceous plants and divide congested plants. Lift and store dahlias before frosts cause damage. Clean leaves from flower beds to give more air and discourage pests. 

Pot- on half-hardy fuchsias and rest over winter in a cool, frost-free place, keep moist but not over watered. Try some wallflowers to provide colour and also scent.


Lift Canna lilies before frosts occur and store in peat-free compost. Plant spring-flowering bulbs as required.


Clear them of any tired summer bedding and replace with autumn/ winter bedding. Under-plant this with bulbs for colour well into early spring.

Garden birds

Keep feeding to encourage wild birds into the garden, keep bird baths and water feeders topped-up in dry spells. 

We have new types of feeders available at Farnborough Garden Centre to help you attract different varieties of birds.

Plants looking good now: 

Japanese Acers, Rhus Typhina, Sorbus Varieties, Fothergilla, Conifers, Herbaceous Anemone, Autumn Crocus, Virginia Creeper & Boston Ivy.

At Farnborough Garden Centre we are continuously increasing the range of plants on offer as well as our selection of pottery, stoneware and garden sundries. 

We hope you will find something new on your visits to us. 

Pete’s Top Tips for Planting New Borders

1. Plan this out in advance and have plants to hand when you start work.

2. Perennials look best when planted in groups of three or more plants of each variety.

3. Place taller growing plants at the rear of borders or centre of “Island” beds with progressively shorter plants towards the front.

4. Add Organic matter and dig over before planting. If the soil is dry, water planting holes well before placing plants in position.

5. Remember, mistakes can be put right next autumn when you have seen your results and annual maintenance is due.

Finally, don’t forget to visit our “Treasured Teddies” shop where you will find a large range of limited-edition collectors bears along with lots of everyday cuddly companions. 

Happy autumn gardening to all from everyone here at Farnborough Garden Centre.

Written by Pete Toms 

Farnborough Garden Centre Southam Road,


OX17 1EL

01295 690479

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